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Stripes Baby Sweatshirt - Pastel Pink/Papaya

Stripes Baby Sweatshirt - Pastel Pink/Papaya

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The TINY Stripes Baby Sweatshirt in pastel pink and papaya offers a sweet and fresh take on the classic stripe design. Composed of a snuggly organic cotton and elastane blend, it ensures a comfortable fit with just enough stretch for your little one's daily discoveries. The combination of soft pastel pink and vibrant papaya stripes provides a playful yet stylish look, perfect for a casual day out or cozying up at home.

This GOTS-certified product, made with at least 70% organic fibers, adheres to the Global Organic Textile Standard's stringent environmental and ethical criteria. Utilizing organic cotton, it reduces environmental impact by avoiding harmful pesticides and fertilizers, cutting water pollution by 98% compared to conventional cotton. This sustainable approach ensures cleaner drinking water and responsible manufacturing, embodying high standards in organic textile production.

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