Clothing, Accessories & Fun Things for Children sizes 0-10

The Jungle Gym

This incredible local find is Rebus’ focal point filled with irresistible small outfits for infants and toddlers!


Not officially uniforms but let’s just say Rebus can help you put together a look.

Party Dresses & Unicorns

We’re not sure we understand the obsession with the mythical animal, but we embrace it. Party dresses make sense.

Comfort is Key

Coming out of the pandemic it became clear that comfort is paramount. You can find comfort in knowing Rebus has so many soft and cozy things!

The Mirror

”Mini Me”? Ya, you bet!

Clothing +

Aside from globally sourced unique, fun, & practical apparel, Rebus has a terrific assortment of accessories & toys for everyone (adults included!).

Hudson Souvenirs

Find here your trip mementos sporting the official city seal, and then some, plus a wide array of items featuring the city’s mascot - a whale!


Delicate lockets, chunky bracelets, rings, sunglasses, glittery hair clips, temporary tattoos to embellish any outfit.

Handbags, Pocketbooks or Backpacks & Suitcases

However you like to refer to them is fine with us.


We embrace them whether they’re wearable or or not.


Rebus supports the kids of today as they are our future!

Thanks for coming by!!