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Fanette Mellier, 2022
48 pages, 24 x 17 cm
Four-colour process printing + 4-color Pantone printing
Hardcover, brilliant foil
ISBN 979-10-90475-31-1
Nuit du livre Prize 2023

Panorama is the contemplation of a single landscape printed 24 times, once for each hour of the day. Page after page, the changing colours reveal the passing of the hours and the little miracles that are part of any given day in a life. On this particular day, the gentle warmth of a spring afternoon gradually gives way to the evening’s nocturnal frost; nature awakens and eventually drifts back to sleep. There is an element of child’s play in the observation of changes in the details from one page to the next: the cabin, the clock, the cat, the ball, the firefly… and the list goes on! Fanette Mellier’s Panorama is a world in which layers of ink reveal a subtle yet intricate spring day.

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