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Les Marsiens

Orion Orange Checkered Overshirt

Orion Orange Checkered Overshirt

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- 62% PL 38% CO - Upcycled fabric, Maison Créateur Française Roseanna.

This upcycled cotton/polyester blend children's overshirt is made in France, by an independent seamstress with disabilities, in a zero-waste approach in Mayenne. The upcycled fabric, from collectible stocks, comes from a French designer brand that supports our upcycling initiative. The supplier is Italian. The clothing information (brand name, composition label, size chip) is printed on a 100% organic cotton fabric label. The organic cotton cord will make a very beautiful bracelet for your earthling man, and his friends. Our paper card is made from grass and is 100% compostable. The production of this paper allows a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 75% lower than those of traditional paper production. This garment does not travel from the factory to the warehouse in a plastic bag (polybag).

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